BPO Services

We have two options which we offer our services:

Managed Model : Our management team takes responsibility for staffing, training and productivity as well as providing a work space for the qualified staff,                                          computer access, internet connectivity, and phones to handle your unique business needs.

Staffing Model : We provide work space, computers, internet, phone and qualified personnel that report to a client-based manager.

Why use outsource BPO services


24/7/365 Service

Spectra is here for you and your customers around the clock. Whether you need our support full-time, after-hours or to handle your overflow, we can work together to create a solution that suits your needs.

Data Collection

We capture call data that can provide insight into how to improve your processes. Our experience with multiple clients – coupled with the right technology and analysis platforms – allows us to help you unlock actionable information from raw call data.

Cost Efficient

Spectra monitors and measures costs. We provide this information to our clients to help them evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and overall operations.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing reduces majority of the significant costs associated with facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing. You’ll save on costs by paying only for the services you require, either on a transactional or per-hour basis.

Quality Control

Spectra will work closely with you to establish the right SLAs for your program based on your business objectives. We have a variety of monitoring tools and performance assessment/improvement plans in place to ensure SLAs are met.

Dedicated Call Managers

Our agents are rigorously coached on how to quickly adapt to different call scenarios and are expert call managers. Their ability to seamlessly represent your brand across any channel assures improved customer experiences.

Industry Expertise

Spectra’s executive management team has decades of experience hosting a variety of industries. We draw from this experience to provide our clients with valuable insights and strategies designed to improve efficiencies and results.

Flexibility / Scalability

Fluctuating call volume in an in-house call center can risk having either idle personnel or long hold times. In an outsourced environment, call volume spikes can be quickly addressed to accommodate seasonal activity or specific projects.


Services include provider credentialing and ongoing maintenance. Our credentialing experts know requirements and manage renewals and expirations.

Call Center/ Contact Center Services

  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Collections
  • Appointment Setting
  • Live-Chat and Email
  • 100% Recordings
  • Verification of Sales
  • Quality Control
  • Remote Monitoring

Medical Billing

A la cart services include

  • Daily claims entry
  • Electronic and paper claim submission
  • Dedicated follow-up
  • Claim status verification
  • Claim correction and/or re-submission
  • Government, commercial and private billing
  • Weekly / monthly customized reports
  • Patient statements* (soft collections, up to 3 past due notices)
  • Payment posting / adjustments
  • Denial management
  • Tracking / claims management
  • Managing collections
  • Patient inquires
  • A/R recovery

Accounting and Bookkeeping services

  • Data entry
  • receipt management
  • transaction entry & classification
  • account reconciliation.
  • Healthcare Credentialing

Live Chat Support 

Live-chat is an increasingly popular channel for communicating with customers.Online support is all about punctual response and around the clock access. When you work with Spectra, we’ll be there to answer your customer’s questions and help provide more sales opportunities.

Outsourcing your live web chat to Spectra can help reduce customer abandonment and improve conversion rates. Our prompt professional response to customers is a cost-effective way to:

  • Enhance your brand image
  • Build higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Provide faster customer service
  • Improve first-call resolution rates
  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Reduce long phone queues
  • Resolve complex inquiries
  • Increase revenue and profits