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Spectra Healthcare and Voice Products Inc. have partnered to provide U.S. medical practices, hospitals and clinics with forward-thinking solutions focused on supporting operational efficiencies, patient experience, and practice revenue cycle management. There is an increased demand on medical documentation with a decreasing availability of quality staff for the practices, necessitating innovative solutions to meet this challenge. The solution for the U.S. medical staffing shortage and burn-out: Virtual M.D. Scribes.


Healthcare solutions that get your practice back to being about your patients.

Spectra Healthcare sources and staffs foreign doctors from throughout the Caribbean, typically the Dominican Republic. Spectra has created and fostered relationships with multi-lingual (native Spanish and English immersion certified) foreign-trained and foreign-licensed medical doctors (M.D.). Our foreign M.D.s all come from schools that provide a direct pathway for placement in U.S. residency programs.


What is a Virtual M.D. Scribe?

A foreign-trained and foreign-licensed medical doctor that we recruit, hire and train abroad to document information into your practices/hospitals EMR at the direction of a licensed physician or practitioner, as an unlicensed medical scribe.

Flexible workflows. Simple Terms.



Spectra Healthcare Virtual M.D. Scribe

Spectra Healthcare Virtual M.D. Scribe Applicants

Interested in furthering your medical career and experience by learning to become a virtual scribe for US based medical practices and hospitals. I am interested in joining the team!
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Physicians and Nurses Burned-out? Hiring becoming difficult?

Virtual M.D. Scribes are a simply and elegant solution to accessing long term efficiencies within your practice or hospital. Solving both future staffing solutions and documentation burn-out with physicians and nurses. I am interested in hiring Virtual M.D. Scribes

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